Glad to meet you

Documentary of Visual grammar project

In this project, we start with a simple shape and being asked to explore it “without any meaning.” Then we being asked to explore “meaning”. Base on our exploration and experiment, to create a work relate to previous research. In the process, I tried to work with various materials, tests and attempted to look things in different angles. I found happiness while in the process of exploring senses, then got new knowledge and experiences. Somehow, I wonder the moment that most of us stopped to curious things surround ourselves. I decided to make a book about exploration and curiosity

This book is about curiosity and exploration.
The author made and hid mechanical set and pop-up in the book to play. Readers will be asked to interact with the book to realize the story. Aim to let curiosity drive people to explore more than get more. (If people are not curious enough to try to know things, they won’t get the full story. )To remind everyone’s caring about the environment, other people and themselves. To promote modest concern and a moderate level of mind to still have curiosity to explore things that are worth recover.

I was too greedy to put ideas in the book, struggle with the deadline, have trouble with the design plus clumsy hand that make it ends up an immature exercise. It did not successfully communicate, but just a bunch of collection of creative ideas. It might not be a complete work, but I still hope it could be an inspiration art for anyone.

Documentary video




First drawing




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