Cosplay Costume Bespoke – Hunter X Hunter イルミ=ゾルディック

Paradise Kick Studio

Partner – Yayung, Huang

Event:               Photography Outing 私人外拍

Program:            Hunter X Hunter

Character:           Illumi Zoldyck § イルミ=ゾルディック伊爾彌‧揍敵客§

Position:            服裝製作 Costume Bespoke

14f8b8afc27a16 14f8b8b0240860 14f8b88dc9316a 14f8b88e378f58 14f8b88fcc8861 14f8b89a3aa555 14f8b8992ceb9d 14f8b8997e9d21 14f8b8908573b4 14f8b8928910f9 60d3e5a75037fc0f35ed19c875f52fbd 4476b5961a29fa858196ba4071fc38b1 b104ffe52f500b39fa9d82ecd3db2fad



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