Cosplay Costume Bespoke – Hunter X Hunter アルカ=ゾルディック

Paradise Kick Studio

Partner – Yayung, Huang

Event:  Comic World in Taiwan CWT29  & Photography Outing

Program:            Hunter X Hunter

Character:           Alluka Zoldyck §アルカ=ゾルディック 阿魯卡‧揍敵客§

Position:             服裝製作Costume Bespoke

髮妝執行hair & make up

會場側拍攝影與後製photo & Photo Retoucher

IMG_9268 IMG_9285 IMG_9398 IMG_9407   IMG_9143 IMG_9164 14f8b8a97c764e14f8b8a146948014f8b8ac7188ab14f8b8b0db2c7214f8b8c0c19a3c14f8b89f983eb514f8b895bb6da814f8b897bde21014f8b898ca401f14f8b8976c402d



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