Be one

In one of the jobs (Chekhov’s Seagull), as dressers, we finish our job but play still running upstair. To kill time, we have had a lovely little party under rabbit hole.

“This is a subject for a short story. A girl, like yourself, lives all her life on the shores of control. She loves chaos, like a seagull… But a Jackrabbit comes along, by chance, and, because he has nothing better to do, he take a hairdryer then destroys the crazy her…” — Bonnie Wanted

這是ㄧ篇短篇小說的題材 有一天 有一隻兔子 因為很無聊 就拿起吹風機 把失控的海鷗給打死了 — 邦尼妄提德



Bonnie & his companion


Bonnie_And_Pink1  SAM_5838=

HDP (Hair Dryer Party)

hdp3 hdp4 hdp5

hdp2 hdp7



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