BA project – Junior – Inspire by Poetry詩詞聯想練習 – 定風波DING FENG BO “Calming the Winds and Waves”



“Calming the Winds and Waves”
— by SU SHI (1037-1101) (Northern Song Dynasty)

Translated by Frank C Yue

Drumming forest leaves, listen not to the rain’s striking song;
Just chant, sing verses, howl and ramble leisurely along.
A pair of straw-sandals, a bamboo cane —
Lighter, better than a horse (with flowing mane).
Why fear?

With straw-cape and straw-hat, through mist and rain,
I’ll walk life’s journeys again, and again.

It is Spring but blowing are the winds chill,
My drunkenness is gone, blowing until.
It’s cold —
The Sun, atop the hills, shines slantingly
(In spite of everything), to greet me.

Looking back at where all that had been
And where the dark, the winds and rains begin,
I’ll go home —
Non-sentimentally (with a grin),
Now there’s no more wind, rain or shine therein.

系列一:莫聽 – 圓說、拗折

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wabisabi_1_ wabisabi_2_ wabisabi_3_31


wabisabi-日常-3-1 wabisabi-日常-3-2 wabisabi-日常-3-3 wabisabi-日常-3-4 wabisabi-日常-3-5 wabisabi-日常-3-6 wabisabi-日常-3-7  wabisabi-日常-3-61




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