123 Family and their lovely friends







I’m a cat, but in the eye of my very close relative, I’m fully a chipmunk. Look into mirror with round white meatball on my face(my cheeks) and review some of my personality, feels entirely convinced.

Chipmunk ask the Mouse: Why can you always so intuitively animalize people around you?

The mouse said: Don’t you feel if people become animals, the level of tolerance on them would greatly upgrade? Even he did something wrong if he is some kind of fluffy animal, that makes me much easier to forgive him (throw a quick glance at Sunny Bear. The Sunny bear look back with innocent, funny face -_>-)

Chipmunk think that make sense.(Just like we won’t blame the cat who set on our keyboard while we should work.)

Hence, all the people around us become animal…



3-Eric, the bonnei (1)


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