BA Senior – Graduate project – Will the weather be fine tomorrow……?



Program Name: Tomorrow will be good weather…?


This program adapted from Anton Chekhov’s six fiction: 《A Joke》、《My Life》、《Small Fry》、《Ward No.6》、《A Lady’s story》、《The Grasshopper》。


Stage Designer:何睦芸

Costume Designer:曾淨芸 Ching Yun Tseng

Lighting Designer:趙芳譽

Technolgy  Designer:蘇育慶

▇  Date:

2012/12/21(Fri)19:30 – 2012/12/25 (Tue)

▇  Length:100 minutes without intermission

▇ Price:NT.350

▇  Venue:TNUA Experimental Theatre

(Taipei National University of Art, The Performing Arts Center)


27+1 28 29 30+1 31+1 32N+1 33N+1


Find out more:

Part.1 [Research & Concept]

Part.2 [Character Analysis & Design artwork]

Part.3 [Design artwork & Conclusion]


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